Now is the time to acquire rental properties without banks, credit or a ton of money

Most of us have felt the effects of inflation at the grocery store or gas pump. Still, for millions of Americans, inflation has been felt significantly in rent increases, with some areas experiencing increases of up to 31% in just one year. Now, you would think that this rent increase would discourage people from continuing to rent, but for many, buying a home is not feasible.

Currently, 35% of the U.S. population is renting, a percentage expected to grow in the coming years. There are many reasons people choose renting over buying, including renters wanting the flexibility to move as they please or not wanting to deal with maintenance or repairs that come with home ownership. In addition, due to high-interest rates or poor credit, some people don’t necessarily choose to rent; they just aren’t ready to buy yet.

This steady increase in rent prices and a cooling market make now the perfect time to invest in rental properties. In addition, property owners are in a position right now to sell at a lower price than last year when the demand for real estate was so high. So if you’re looking to invest, think about the earning potential of acquiring a rental property.

Master investor, speaker, author, and business coach, Marko Rubel, wants to educate real estate investors on creative financing to acquire one of the hottest ticket items for the upcoming year in the real estate world: rental properties.

With the stock market being so volatile and cryptocurrencies becoming such a disaster, those with money to invest are finding themselves in a tricky situation, needing help knowing where to put their money. So what better place to invest than in a tangible asset like real estate, specifically in rental properties that can also keep you unphased by inflation?

Rubel’s strategies are not only for those with money to spare and who need a place to secure their wealth. Instead, his strategies can help anyone who wants to build wealth, has the drive to learn the business, and has the passion for succeeding. With his investing starter kit, Marko Rubel will teach you how to acquire rental properties without using banks, with no credit checks, and with very low or no money down. Plus, he reveals a new way of renting properties to tenants with a homeownership mentality, which greatly minimizes management efforts.

The kit includes tons of resources, such as interview recordings, game plans for investing, and a wealth-building matrix. You’ll learn about little-known funding sources used by top investors that require no income verification, points, or fees. You’ll also discover how to buy with as little as $10 down, without credit checks, build a portfolio of properties, and capitalize on house deals during this challenging economy, all without tenant hassles or rehabs.

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